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Dock & Marina Equipment

Our company offers a multitude of cast aluminum products for docks, marinas, private residences with docks, and for customers in search of marine theme castings that are top quality and add a fun and beautiful touch in just about any place.  Among some of our products we offer dock cleats, dock braces, step plates, strength tests, architectural elements, ornaments, lighting systems, shower stations, power stations, hose stations, nautical theme mailboxes, custom products and replacement parts.


Dock Cleats


Broward Casting Marine offers cast aluminum “S” dock cleats that are durable and aesthetically pleasing, perfect to use in marinas and homes with private docks.  Our cleats are available as follows:


Sizes A B C D
Dock Cleat 10” 5 5/8”
7 7/8” 8 3/4” 3”
Dock Cleat 12” 6 1/8”
8 1/16” 11” 3 ½”
Dock Cleat 15” 7”
10” 14” 4”
Dock Cleat 18”
Dock Cleat 24”

In addition to the various sizes, they are available in aluminum or can be powder coated in almost any color.



We also offer straight dock cleats in sizes including:

  • 8”
  • 10”
  • 12”
  • 14”

Our straight dock cleats just like the “S” dock cleats are available in plain aluminum or in a variety of powder coated colors tailored to our customers’ individual tastes and preferences.


Also, our customers can request that their company information including, name, phone number and website address is added; an additional charge will be added for this customization. We invite you to contact our team to obtain more information.

Call us with your special needs and enjoy working with a professional and experienced team!

Strength tests


Broward Casting Marine is an industry leader in the manufacturing of aluminum casting products for a broad spectrum of industries including marine.  For over 4 decades we have been proudly fabricating a variety of products for indoor and outdoor use in an array of finishes, colors, sizes, designs, and for various applications.


From a full line of marine cast aluminum pieces that includes dock lighting systems, outdoor furniture, power stations, fish cleaning stations, shower stations, hose stations and hose holders, decorative holders, to dock and marina equipment, we have just about any option to please the most discerning tastes and specifications.


All of our products are fabricated in the USA within our premises, and carefully crafted by our experienced and dedicated workers who are involved in the manufacturing process from beginning to end to ensure the highest quality control, and unsurpassed attention to detail.


To assure quality and safety, strength tests are performed in our products, including for boat cleat breaking strength.


Our inspections include:

  • Cleat fractured in the “Eye” at 14,000 lbs (Model 15”)
  • Cleat fractured in the base at 12,875 lbs. (Model 12”)
  • Cleat fractured in the “Eye” at 9,000 lbs. (Model 10”)

Dock Braces


At Broward Casting Marine we fabricate a wide variety of dock braces that provide protection between hard dock surfaces, seawalls and pilings and our customers’ boats or yachts. Our dock braces are designed for vessels 30’ and up, and we offer standard height of 56” but they can be manufactured in any length depending on our customers’ unique needs and specifications.


They are made with powder-coated aluminum, and we offer the options without rubber bumper or with rubber bumper.  The latter is mounted with a heavy-duty extruded rubber dock fender for increased protection and durability. This makes it possible for them to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as the marine environment.


Our dock braces are 100% aluminum, of superior quality and ideal for marinas and private residences.  They are stylish, built to last and a cost effective alternatives to installing pilings.  We have several available colors including gloss white, gloss black, silver, Pompeii gold, rusty iron, patina and pewter. Custom colors are available depending on our customers’ requests and needs, we encourage you to contact our team for more information and pricing.

Call us with your special needs and enjoy working with a professional and experienced team!

Step Plates


Broward Casting Marine offers a wide array of cast aluminum step plates designed to enhance the look of boats and luxury yachts. They deliver sturdy, durable and long-wearing characteristics; an aesthetically pleasing look and the final touch of total personalization!


We offer a wide variety of sizes and plate types, which can be aluminum, polished and anodized or brass chrome plated.  Many of our loyal customers utilize our step plates to advertise their boat or yacht manufacturer, to display their family names, or to write their favorite motto, and we give them different fonts to choose from!


Our step plates are made in our in-house manufacturing facility by artisans with years of experience in the industry, and that are dedicated to fabricating products of superior quality above all.

Architectural Elements


As a family owned and operated business since 1962, our company Broward Casting Marine, a division of Broward Casting Foundry, Inc., remains dedicated to offer a wide range of cast aluminum products that are of top-notch quality, available in a myriad of color and finishes, and designed to be the perfect accent piece!


From a large selection of scrolls, to plaques, to cast aluminum stand post caps, to mailboxes, bases for custom designed mailboxes, street signs, sign blades, decorative signs, sign backers, clamping systems to hose holders among others, we have a full inventory of options guaranteed to add a touch of style and character to any indoor or outdoor environment.


Within our selection of scrolls we offer the following options:

  • Grapevine
  • Coquina
  • Large & Small Buckingham
  • Hatteras
  • Large Baldwin
  • Bellflower
  • Large Tuscany
  • Leaf
  • Mediterranean
  • C Curl
  • Sorrento
  • 3” and 5” Rings
  • Other custom options can be available upon request


Our products have gained rapid recognition among contractors, home owner associations, private home owners, city officials, marina owners, boat owners and many others in search of superior quality aluminum castings proudly made in the U.S.A.


We look forward to helping you with your particular needs and to becoming your supplier of choice for the finest quality aluminum castings.

Call us with your special needs and enjoy working with a professional and experienced team!



At Broward Casting Marine, we take great pride in being a dependable manufacturer and supplier of first-class aluminum casting products.  We offer a large selection of bases for our mailbox stands, themed mailboxes, street signs, sign backers, dock and marina equipment, lighting systems, fencing systems, decorative plaques, scrolls, furniture and much more.


All of our cast aluminum products can be finished in a variety of colors and finishes, colors include gloss black, gloss white, silver, verde, patina, Pompeii gold, pewter, sand and rusty iron, other custom color options are available upon request.


We have one of the most comprehensive selections of finials including:

  • Ball Cap for 3” Round Pole. 4” adapter available
  • Pineapple Cap for 3” Round Pole.  4” adapter available
  • Large Savanna Cap for 3” Round Pole.  4” adapter available
  • Small Savanna Cap
  • Crown Finial for 3” Round Pole
  • Acorn Finial for 3” Round Pole.  4” adapter available
  • Large Flame Finial
  • Small Flame Finial
  • Large 4 Sided Finial
  • Small 4 Sided Finial
  • 7” Pointed Finial
  • Teardrop Finial
  • Big Top Finial
  • 4 ¾” Pointed Reg. Finial
  • Ball With Stem
  • Spear Tip Finial
  • Leaf Finial
  • Eagle Flagpole Finial
  • Ball with Base. For 4” Square Pole
  • 3” Round Flat Cap. For 3” Round Pole
  • 4” Square Post Cap
  • 6” Square Post Cap. For 6” Square Post
  • 6” Square Cap with Hole. For 6” Square Post


We have one of the most comprehensive selections of bases including:

  • Whole Base for 3” Round Pole
  • Split Base (2 Pieces Needed to Make 1 Base) for 3” Round Pole
  • Savanna Base for 3” Round Pole
  • Hanover Neck for 3” Round or 4” Round Pole
  • 12.5” Euro Base for 3” Round Pole
  • 3” Round 3 Hole Base for 3” Round Pole
  • 4” Square 4 Hole Base for 4” Square Pole
  • 4.5” Square 4 Hole Base for 4.5” Square Pole
  • Low Profile Base
  • Jupiter Base for 4” Pole
  • 3” Rd
  • 6” Sq.
  • 16 “ Whole BS.
  • 16 “ Split BS.
  • 15 “ New Orleans BS.
  • 31” Floridian BS.
  • 16 “ Washington BS.
  • Pennsylvania BS.
  • Bostonian BS.
  • Hanover BS.
  • Charleston Neck
  • Charleston BS.
  • 5 “ Round
  • 4 “ Round
  • 5 “ Sq.


Our products are manufactured in-house within our conveniently located premises in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which enables us to ship nationwide on time and cost effectively!


Address: 2240 SW 34th St Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312  •  Tel: (954) 584-6400  •  Fax: (954) 321-0369