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Hose Stations

Broward Casting Marine manufactures a wide range of cast aluminum dock hose holder stations, which come in a different variety of finishes, sizes and color options. Our standard unit comes with a 4” square post, hose holder, ½” stainless steel hose bib and a square 4-hole base for installation.


In addition, every one of our cast aluminum hose stations is not only functional; it is also a decorative piece available in a number of powder-coated colors, including gloss white, gloss black, silver, Pompeii gold, rusty iron, patina, sand and pewter.  Custom colors are available upon request.


Our company also offers a multitude of options that can be incorporated into any of our hose stations, such as adding Pagoda lights, decorative hose holders, additional hose holders, hose bibs, double faucets, photocell and single or double electrical outlets either 110 or 220 marine grade.  We offer standard placement but custom placement is available upon request.


Hose Holders


At Broward Casting Marine we have a large selection of decorative cast aluminum hose holders that in addition to keeping your hose in place, they are a decorative piece that will add a touch of style to the surrounding environment.


Whether it is for a private residence, for marinas, parks, condominiums, community centers, or for commercial use, our hose holders deliver durable and functional solutions that can be easily mounted on a piling or wall.


They are available in a variety of marine and nautical designs, as a plain hose holder, hand air brushed in full color or in pewter or patina finishes.  Each hand painted cast aluminum hose holder is slightly different, making each of them a one of kind work of art.  They each hold up to 100ft. of standard size hosing systems, and our designs include the following:

All units are clear coated for extra protection from the sun and also to protect from harsh weather conditions!


Made in the U.S.A. by skilled artisans with unmatched attention to detail, and with superior quality aluminum sand castings, our pieces are designed to last, and to add style and functionality.

Call us with your special needs and enjoy working with a professional and experienced team!

Decorative Towel Holders


Our company offers a large selection of decorative holders for a variety of uses, including towel holders and hose holders all in a diversity of marine, tropical and nautical designs, pewter and patina finish, and in full color.


All of our pieces are proudly made in the U.S.A. within our in-house manufacturing plant located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Knowledgeable and experienced artisans that master the art of sand casting are personally committed to the fabrication process from beginning to end to ensure that the final products meet our own quality standards.

Whether you are a marina owner, or boating enthusiast, a general contractor, in the hospitality business, a restaurant owner, or you are looking to give you private residence a distinctive touch of style, at Broward Casting Marine you will find endless options to select from in designs, colors, sizes, finishes and themes.

We invite you to contact one of our team members and discover the flexibility and endless options that Broward Casting Marine can offer!


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